Transitions & Transformations

Moving Blog

A lot of transitions are happening right about now. We just moved our blog to our own website – www.appliedidt.com (Applied Instructional Design & Technology). The previous blog posts are now here and we will be shutting down the old site in about 30 days. Another major transition is happening at Avila University where we […]

The Field of LMS Design

LMS Types

About 17 years ago I created a simple website for my dissertation. I took a document and organized it into a web to study how hyper-linked text documents affect online student learning. Graphical browsers were just  coming on the scene but for my study I only used text which seemed appropriate for the time. No […]

What is next for ANGEL Users?


Last week I attended my first Blackboard World conference (BbWorld 2011). Avila University was a recipient of a Catalyst Award under the Blackboard Exemplary Course Program and I had the pleasure of representing the university in accepting the award. This was one of the best conferences I ever attended.  The opening keynote presentation by Steven Johnson […]